This one is Flipsnack. It is $35 a month for the professional version. It allows embedding, as you can see below. And you can share on social media. Professional plan is limited to one user, and 200 pages per month of publishing. Business plan allows 3 users and 500 pages.($79 a month>)

It can detect TOC on PDFs, as well as other links. In the paid version, it can add

To see the use of video and audio in a flip book, please go here: and go down the page to where you see Immersive multimedia content.

Here is an example of a book with the TOC. Because I am using the free version, I am limited to 30 pages.


Comparison page of various levels is here:

This is for Flippingbook As you can see, there is more you can adjust here, including branding. This is at the lowest level.


In the example above, I have put in a video.

The link below compares the two flip books, and which one gets a better responses.