Gabriela Martínez

Gabriela Martínez is the founder and driving force behind texto. A graphic designer and creative director in Silicon Valley for over 20 years, Gabriela interprets complex and abstract ideas into compelling graphics that enhance the final result.

Brand, message and collaboration are the framework behind any project at Texto. By engaging with clients and team members, Gabriela brings together client assets and message to create, refine, and reinforce cohesive brands and collateral.

Gabriela is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has also lived in England and Egypt. She speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian, and brings her culturally diverse heritage with her to her work.

She has worked with clients in North and South America, Europe and Asia. She has a particular sensitivity for multicultural projects and greatly enjoys the diversity of projects and people she encounters in her field.

Barbara Dubois

With over 20 years in design, intense attention to detail, balanced layout, formatting, writing, editing and proofing all come under Barbara DuBois' umbrella. She is a California native who, after earning her Masters in chilly Wisconsin and trying out life in other parts of the country, returned to put roots back down in her beloved Bay Area. Confucius once said "An ordered mind requires an ordered environment", which is why Barbara DuBois wants anything that crosses her desk to both read well and look good. That deep sense of order informs all her work and, hopefully someday, her back yard.

Tshea Rogers

Tshea got her first design job in high school when a counselor recommended her to the local newspaper's ad department. There she discovered another skill set, proofreading. A natural affinity for detail and an English teacher for a mother contributed to that talent. She has held a variety of positions in the publishing world from graphic artist to editor of the county attorneys directory to production manager. Her design triad is "appealing, accurate and accessible." Tshea is married with two children, two cats and the occasional possum.

Aaron Lyon

Aaron Lyon was raised on electronics at the dawn of the personal computing age, and started drawing onscreen when he had only 8,192 black and white pixels to play with. Now he paints posters with more than 14 million pixels and millions of colors and couldn't be happier. About design, Lyon says, "The Internet is alive and growing like a weed, and there is always something new to learn. There's always a new medium to master or new bugs to squash. But the same rules of good design apply, and these two things, the new and the old, keep this job very interesting and rewarding." Visit

Derek Taylor

When not spending time with his family, Derek Taylor often develops successful websites. With a background in marketing and a technical flare for designing and programming websites, Derek has been helping his clients succeed on the internet since 1995. His business philosophy is to make life easier...easier for customers to buy online and easier for website owners to run their businesses. Visit

Kay Wolfersperger

After moving to Savannah, GA to finish a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design, Kay was enticed by the city's charm and now calls Savannah home. Besides her appreciation for art, she also enjoys riding scooters, health and fitness, and hanging out with friends. She draws inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement and low brow art.

David Weber

For over 20 years David has helped companies of all sizes meet and exceed their marketing objectives via the Web, collateral, PPT presentations, e-mail blasts, direct mail, traditional advertising, social media, and more. He has also helped craft brand initiatives, including naming companies, products, and services. Everything is done from a psychographic perspective, knowing what will make your target market take action. In addition, David is expert at understanding your business from the get go. This results in copy that works from the initial draft, faster approval cycles, a reduced number of revisions, and remarkably quick turnarounds. For more information, check out

Lisa Mckenna

Lisa came to Texto in 2006 and has become the glue that keeps the business side running smoothly. She has a bachelor's degree from USC in Business with an emphasis in Finance. "I feel like the others at Texto are the pages in a beautiful book and I am the spine that keeps everything in order. The pages by themselves are magnificent in their own right but when held together by the spine they become something that has endless possibilities.

Laura Testa-Reyes

Born in and raised in captivity in LA she has since escaped and now lives in the Santa Cruz mountains. She is professionally ambidextrous, having started out on the print side, and moved on to the web side in design and development.

She has been in the graphic design business for nearly 30 years, with a broad range of clients from one-person businesses to large corporations. Her goal is to give the client what they expect, and leave them not only happy, but thrilled, if such a thing is possible give the client what they expect, and leave them not only happy, but thrilled, if such a thing is possible.

Amy Sirota

Amy fell into the printing field at the tender age of 15, taking an offset printing course at a technical school after being drawn to the teacher's likeness to Ted Nugent. She quickly realized that this occupation could fill the perfect niche in her soul—utilizing her creativity and technical skills, as well as to fulfill a penchant for noisy machines. 30 years later, this ever-changing trade still fascinates Amy. After high school, she ran printing presses for several years, then moved into pre-press. One real benefit from having been in the field for so long is that Amy is a true typographer, a fast-disappearing skill in this day. She has worked for a local commercial print shop for 15 years, designing new projects and performing pre-press operations on incoming not-so-perfect files.

Rhonda Jones

A creative genius when it comes to documentation, Rhonda has years of experience in making words on paper look great. Creating easy-to-use, complete, well-designed simple and complex templates for clients’ data books, data sheets, software and hardware user guides, newsletters, white papers, and marketing materials is her objective. Understanding the writing process enables her to approach template creation and document production with an eye toward accurate, detailed work done in a timely and cost-effective manner. In her free time she can be found traveling with Richard, her husband and business partner, and Rory, her golden retriever, to bike races, hiking, and visiting friends and family around California.

David Wood

Specializing in technical illustration, David Wood brings an eye for detail and years of practical knowledge to ensure rapid, accurate, and cost-conscious execution of your illustration needs. With a background in the theatrical arts and experience gained from his numerous travels around the globe as well as his passion for photography, he brings a unique perspective to his work. When not stuck on an overnight bus in Pakistan or riding a motorcycle through Vietnam, he can usually be found in front of his computer screen, delivering well-executed graphics to clients across the United States and Canada. Visit