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technical communication services

texto is a full service graphic design and technical communications group that combines high-end design talent with an extensive background in technical documentation.

With 20 years of experience, texto and Gabriela Martinez bring a first rate creative and technical team that is tailored to your company's needs and fully prepared to design and develop your technical documentation or marcom project from beginning to end.


texto has over 15 of experience generating custom templates in a variety of applications such as Word , PowerPoint, Framemaker, InDesign and Quark. texto works with the client's branding firms and criteria to implement branding specs and maintain brand integrity and consistent use of styles in all documentation.

For in-house use, texto adapts your business reports into professionally designed documents in Word. Your message remains clear and visually appealing, showcasing your company's look and feel.

Training Materials

texto develops online and print training materials in a variety of fields. Areas of expertise including popular software packages, sales training and academic Materials.

Writing Services

texto offers writing capabilities in both copywriting and technical writing, in both original writing and subjects matter editing. Our writers bring their expertise to dovetail with the development of training materials, marketing collateral and user manuals. Our expert technical editors help bring a consistent voice to your documentation. This is especially useful when combining documents from different authors or with periodic revisions.

QA Services

texto provides experienced QA testing services. Some of the areas of expertise are:

- testing for training manuals both in print and online
- test site architecture and navigation for sales support intranet
- evaluate support for specific end-user tasks
- recommend modifications based on accuracy, performance, and ease-of-use
- testing user manuals for software and consumer electronics
- verifying the accuracy of step by step instructions

Technical Illustration

With over 20 years of experience texto's technical team has been developing technical and patent illustrations for the high-tech and medical industries.

Powerpoint Training

PowerPoint slides shouldn't duplicate your talks, they should complement them. Learn valuable tips and ideas to help you present information taking advantage of what PowerPoint offers. texto will teach you how to create presentations that represent your company's look and feel, and support your company branding.

Pre-press services

Have you turned in your finished files to a print shop, only to have them returned with some complicated issue that their pre-press personnel can't or won't fix? texto would like to offer our services as printing professionals. Send your finished files to us before sending them to your printer, and we'll go over them with a fine-tooth comb, addressing and fixing any possible issues. If you prefer, we can work directly with your printer and deal with any specific complications.

Company ID Cleaning and Consistency

You love your logo! But you have so many versions lying around. texto will help you organize and clean up your ID folder. You'll know when to use RGB vs. CMYK, .eps vs. .jpg, and what to use for a website placement, a printed piece, or a presentation. You will also learn which colors to use for greater effect and a more professional look in your pieces. texto will also develop and distribute identity guidelines to ensure branding consistency.